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Rella Fit

A personal development social game that combines popular movies, music and TV shows with interactive games to increase the skills of mindset, service, grit, gratitude and grace. Engage as part of a supportive team to complete 36 IRL challenges to earn badges and raise money for causes you believe in. What do you say? Wanna play?

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After Skool

An interactive social media game based on popular YouTube channel After Skool. Learn amazing life lessons from Will Smith, Kevin Hart, Joe Rogan, Jim Carry, David Foster Wallace and many more through dynamic and colorful artistic interpretations of inspiring messages.

Law of Action

Based on the inspiring book The Law of Action by Theo E.J. Wilson, Ted speaker and national spoken word champion. Learn how to balance the "Power of Attraction" with the equally important "Power of Action" in your life by using Theo's unique brand of encouragement, humor and no-nonsense advice.

What We're About

SPARCs for Good (S4G) is an innovative social platform that delivers personal development content through a variety of online games. We partner with a wide variety of artists, authors, YouTubers, and organizations to transform their books, blogs, and videos into engaging interactive experiences. S4G games can be played on your phone or computer through our responsive website. Sign up to play our free daily challenge or learn more about our unique four-part method below.

Charity Game

Starts January 31st - Ends February 14th




In Part 1 of the Law of Action Challenge, Theo Wilson will teach us how to rig the future in our favor, how to reprogram our bodies to produce positive habits, and how to train our mind for motivation. Get ready to put the law of action into action in your life. 

Concept Level: 13+

Law of Action - Part I

Reprogramming Habits, Embrace Difficulty, How to Begin Anything

New Releases

Together S4G Players Have Raised


Help us fund another free tournament

100% of the money goes to the charities involved!

 Next Goal: $25,000

Donations of $50 USD will receive a FREE "Sleuth or Dare" Card Game!

What do Jim Carrey, Joe Rogan, Kevin Hart and Allan Watts have in common? Answer: they all reveal some deep insights in this powerful Challenge Pack! Learn how our choices are based in fear or love, discover why lifting people up is the best way to lift yourself up, and find out how to get with reality by allow your illusions to disappear.

Concept level: 13+

Light, Love, & Life

Shine a Light, Choose Love, Life is Now

In his famous commencement address “This is Water,” David Foster Wallace combines wit, wisdom, and hard-hitting insights to reveal the true value of education: simple awareness. Learn how training a dog is like training your brain, discover why believing you are the center of the universe is the default position of the ego, and find out why feeling that everyone is in your way may not be accurate.

Concept Level: 13+

Learn to Think

Train Your Brain, Center of the Universe, Everybody is in my Way

Featured Content


Free Daily Challenge

Personal Development Reimagined

Build life skills and strengthen relationships by completing challenges with your friends.

Our Method

The SPARCs for Good (S4G) framework is based on a

synergy of practice research from four fields:

Positive Psychology

Collaborative Education

Serious Game Theory

Mindset Intervention

There are a variety of games on the S4G platform that appeal to different ages, tastes, and interests. All games follow the four step S4G method: Watch-Play-Practice-Share


an interactive game that soaks in the content


a short video with a positive message


with a safe and supportive online community


an activity that puts learning into action

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