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Challenge Packs


Unlock These Awesome Badges by Completing Challenge Packs

It's easy to get stuck in a rut. Life feels like the the same old thing, and we don't see any progress. Complete this Challenge Pack to "unstuck yourself" by getting a little better every day, facing a fear by following the example of a 9-year-old skier, and get a little gritter as you reach your goals. Come on! Let's start building a better you!

Concept Level: 13+

Self Improvement

Upgrade Yourself, Face a Fear, Develop Grit

Developing self control requires more than just "saying NO" to things that are bad for us. There's both a science and art behind this important skill. Complete this Challenge Pack to learn (and practice) how to quiet your mind through meditation, live in the moment versus the past or the future, and how to super charge your will to get your frontal lobe back in control of your behavior.

Concept Level: 13+

Self Control

Quiet Your Mind, Live in the Moment, Power Your Will

The ability to accept yourself in all your uniqueness is critical to living a fulfilling life. In this fun and energizing Challenge Pack, learn (and practice) why caring for ourselves is more difficult than caring for others (even our pets), how we can be our true self by saying YES to our weirdness, and why following our bliss is the best way to find happiness our life and our careers.

Concept Level: 13+

Self Acceptance

Care for Yourself, Follow Your Bliss, Be Yourself

How well do you know yourself? Let’s find out! In this foundational Challenge Pack we will learn about self awareness from a team of basketball players, discover the powerful secret of asking "What” instead of “Why”, and find out why we are not entitled to feedback; we must seek it out! Game on!

Concept Level: 13+

Self Awareness

Know Yourself, Look Inward, Seek Feedback

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