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Angela Duckworth TED Talk on Grit

This is Angela Lee Duckworth's original TED Talk where she first made a splash as the new torchbearer for the research and practice of grit for kids in school. It's only a 6 min. watch and full of great information that we had to cut from our short version in the game.


Carol Dweck TED Talk on Growth Mindset

The original founder of grit was Carol Dweck. She pioneered the concept of a growth mindset which set the stage for the concept of grit. This is her talk at Stanford University on the subject where she laid the foundation for years of groundbreaking work that would follow. 10 min. watch and worth every second.


A Metaphorical Performance of Grit

This is a Facebook video. So, if you don't have a FB account, you may not be able to watch it. However, for those who can, it is a site to behold. I don't want to explain too much as the surprise is what makes it so impactful. Suffice to say this piece of performance art beautifully displays what grit and perserverence looks like if you can catch the metaphor.


Three Little Birds by Bob Marley

Here's our first song for your grit playlist. Three Little Birds by Bob Marley. While the words don't technically describe the technical definition of grit (i.e., passion and perseverence toward a goal despite being confronted by significan obstacles and distractions), the underlying vibe is what can soften your heart and awaken your soul to continue on in the face of setbacks. I strongly recommend listening to this one on repeat. It will change your mood!


Buck Up by Carsie Blanton

The next song in our grit playlist is probably one you haven't heard before. The combination of punchy melody, lighthearted lyrics, and creative expresion will make the concept of grit sing deep into your heart. At least it does mine. Enjoy.


Deeper Dive 🤿

Develop Grit

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