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  • What is SPARCs for Good?
    SPARCs for Good (S4G) is a social media game that challenges players to LEARN and PRACTICE life skills such as mindset, service, grit, gratitude, and grace (MSg3) IRL (in real life) by playing an online game with family, friends, and colleagues. S4G is a healthy alternative to current social media and online gaming platforms. We know that social media has been a problem. We are providing a solution! SPARCs for Good offers a safe but challenging space to learn new skills and make meaningful connections by providing engaging and diverse content for anyone 13 years or older. SPARCs for Good is... Simple enough to play every day Practical enough to make a real difference in your life Fun enough to pass the eye roll test of teens Our SPF rating is 50! That provides a lot of protection! S4G partners with YouTubers, TED speakers, comedians, podcasters, musicians, and artists to transform their amazing content into an interactive social media game. While playing SPARCs for Good games, you can raise money for causes that are meaningful to you. These are just a few of the charities we have raised money for.
  • What is a SPARC?
    SPARC is an acronym that stands for Small Positive Act that Renews Connection... with your self, others, and life. SPARCs are IRL (In Real Life) activities that involve either THINKING - reporting on something you think / or SAYING - a conversation you will have with someone / or DOING - an action you will take in the near future. Every S4G Challenge involves four steps: LAPS (Learn, Act, Practice, and Share) Learn - Watch a video that inspires you. Act - Answer questions about the video to earn points in the game. Practice - Complete 1-3 SPARCs, describe what you did, and upload a picture or video. Share - Post your completed SPARCs to either the Public or a Private feed to collaborate with others.
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