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Abraham Maslow first introduced the concept in the 1950's. He stressed the importance of focusing on the positive qualities in people, as opposed to treating them as a "bag of symptoms".

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Law of Action: Part 1

Mindfulness of Motivation

Look It Up

Look up emotional intelligence, mindfulness or monkey mind on Wikipedia. Write down one thing you learned that you did not already know.

Benjamin Larrabee

Steve – I tend to feel a little more like the eagle. I’m comfortable being a leader and enjoy having conversations with people to learn something new. I also feel there is a bit of a chameleon in me because I do feel nervous when I’m in a new situation and meeting someone for the first time.

Tabitha - Growing up I was more of a chameleon... I thought adults were very much "up there" and scary. And other people... friends. Didn't feel comfortable in my own skin, or what color to be.

Casta - When I was a toddler, I didn't care about anything. Now I need to make more of an effort to think about what to wear, and who to be friends with.

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Chameleon and the Eagle

Chameleon and the Eagle - Part 1

Character Reflection

As the story begins, how do you feel about each character? Do you like one more than the other? Do you identify more with one over the other? Explain in your post.

Steve Huff

1. I have failed as a father.
2. I have ignored life-changing opportunities.
3. I won't be successful with investing.

1. The pressure and fear that is prevalent in society continues to grow. Raising two boys into young men and constantly questioning if I've mentally, emotionally, physically and spiritually prepared them to deal with daily life is a constant judgment and fear I put on myself.

2. Be it jobs, relationships, financial opportunities or experiences, I have allowed myself to fear that I've missed out on life changing events.

3. I want to build generational wealth for my family. Investing without much money and the ever present chance that I could lose it all is a heavy presence.

Living with a 'what if' mentality is not how I become successful or push beyond my comfort zone. I know I need to step forward in faith and believe that my efforts are enough.

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RellaFit: Self Improvement

Face a Fear

Three Fears

SPARC 1 (easy)

Write a list of three fears you have. Post your list, but only if it's not too personal. Explain why these things scare you in your post.

Benjamin Larrabee

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