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How well do you know yourself? Let’s find out. In this foundational Challenge Pack you will learn about awareness from basketball players, discover that asking “what” is better than “why” from Tasha Eurich, and find out why you are not entitled to feedback; you must seek it out! You will also learn the basics of how to navigate the S4G game platform. Game on!

Concept Level: 16+

Self Awareness

Know Yourself, Look Inward, Seek Feedback

Coming Soon

Warning! Of the 36 Challenges in the RellaFit Challenge, this one may be the hardest! Learn about the importance of “Forgiving Quickly” from Oprah, discover the way to “Value the Differences” in other from Theo Wilson, and be inspired to “Walk in My Shoes” by two inspiring children. Completing all five SPARCs in this Challenge will test your grit!

Concept level: 16+

Tolerance of Others

Value Difference, Walk in My Shoes, Renew Connection

Coming Soon

Challenge Packs


Unlock These Awesome Badges by Completing Challenge Packs

Steve Jobs once said, “The people who are crazy enough to think they can change the world are the ones who do.” Well then, let’s get our crazy on! Learn how to “Better Yourself” through practicing a mindset superpower from Ebonii Lachea, be inspired to “Do What you Love” from Steve Jobs, and discover that it’s possible to “Change the World” by simply putting our dreams into action.

Concept level: 16+

Courage in Life

Better Your Life, Love What You Do, Change The World

Coming Soon

Coming Mid-August!

 This challenge is built for the Avett Brothers Red Rocks show Summer of 2021. Die hard fans must play!

Concept Level: "Fan" of Music

Title Goes Here

Three Amazing Mini Games

Coming Soon
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