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In Part 1 of the Law of Action Challenge, Theo Wilson will teach us how to rig the future in our favor, how to reprogram our bodies to produce positive habits, and how to train our mind for motivation. Get ready to put the law of action into action in your life. 

Concept Level: 13+

Law of Action - Part I

Reprogramming Habits, Embrace Difficulty, How to Begin Anything

In part two of the Law of Action Challenge series, Theo Wilson teaches us that power comes from our level of commitment, how to see the difficulties in our life as gifts, and shows us the way to begin anything. Get ready to put the law of action into motion!

Concept level: 13+

Law of Action - Part II

Rigging Future Echoes, Commitment is Power, Mindfulness and Motive

Challenge Packs

Law of Action

With Theo E.J. Wilson

Unlock These Awesome Badges by Completing Challenge Packs

Steve Jobs once said, “The people who are crazy enough to think they can change the world are the ones who do.” Well then, let’s get our crazy on! Learn how to “Better Yourself” through practicing a mindset superpower from Ebonii Lachea, be inspired to “Do What you Love” from Steve Jobs, and discover that it’s possible to “Change the World” by simply putting our dreams into action.

Concept level: 16+

Courage in Life

Better Your Life, Love What You Do, Change The World


Coming Mid-August!

 This challenge is built for the Avett Brothers Red Rocks show Summer of 2021. Die hard fans must play!

Concept Level: "Fan" of Music

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Three Amazing Mini Games

Coming Soon
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